PV Laboratory

All the equipment of this laboratory is produced by the most important international company, Hong Tu (HotoTech).
All operating and control systems for these devices are produced by Siemens International

All devices have additional specifications in dimensions, allowing testing of previous and current global models, and new models of photovoltaic PVs whose commercial production will start in the upcoming years
The policy of this laboratory is to prevent human interference with the results, as the results are fully automated, and the equipment issues them directly to the report, and these results are illustrated and documented and cannot be modified.
The number of machines in this laboratory is 21 integrated machines, which perform 21 tests of the photoelectric collector, including simulated aging tests and the amount of performance deterioration after 25 years of the life of the PV, through a group of rooms that have functional and technical roles to represent the aging
All tests are carried out according to IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 specifications